Friday, June 8, 2018

Middle School Exploratory Tech Elective

This final semester, some 7th and 8th graders embarked on independent projects as part of our Exploratory technology elective class. There was a list of potential projects from which to choose, and students spent the entirety of the semester researching, exploring, and building their projects, keeping a (somewhat) weekly blog journal along the way.

As a final task, students interviewed each other about their projects. They could use any format of their choosing--podcast, video, or an article. Check back later, as more interviews will be coming!

Charlotte and Maeve Interview One Another

Ben & Bryar Interview Palmer

Palmer Interviews Ben & Bryar

Jillian & Caleb Interview Kailey

Ever & Jessie Interview Anya & Sophie

Anya & Sophie's Article About Ever & Jesse's Project

 Kailey's Article About Jillian & Caleb's Project

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Second Grade Digital Citizenship Slides

As a very last minute exercise, second graders used Google Slides to share some of the lessons we learned about being a good digital citizenship. We have peppered our weekly tech time with lessons about being safe online, going to safe place online, and being mindful of your digital trail, using activities and resources from Common Sense Media.

With only two class periods to work on this (this late hour plan came together when weather prevented the students from working out in the garden), only a few kids were able to put together a slideshow, and they were shorter than we would have liked. I am glad the students had the opportunity to work in Google Slides though--that means that, this year, our second grade tech time has covered Docs, Drawing, Forms, and now Slides.