Saturday, June 15, 2019

Third & Fourth Grade Cereal Box Project

Third and fourth graders have been talking about media literacy--how to read and decode the media messages that they see everyday. (I'm including the slideshow that we used in our lessons.)

After observing, dissecting, and discussing media messages, the students then were tasked with make a cereal box for a particular audience. We assigned different audience types to a number, and the students rolled a dice to determine their audience. They used Google Drawing to make their cereal boxes. In music class, the 4th graders also wrote a jingle for their cereal, after learning about the different genres of music!

This cereal is targeted to adults because it is made for adults around the world. It is a Gluten and dairy free.
Made by Annaliese and Gigi

We made this for people with a sweet tooth

This is appealing to sweet toothed people by using rainbows.
Made by Reagan and Kody

Our audience is vegan/vegetarian teens.   
Our cereal box appeals to this audience by looking healthy.
Our cereal box looks healthy because it says it is made of  100% real fruit.
Made by Adriana and Elenore

Payshence's cereal box

Tanner & Jesse's cereal box

Darby's cereal box

Eben & Wyatt's cereal box

Finn & Henry's cereal box

Rosie & Jeffrey's cereal box

Lakewin & Elizabeth's cereal box

Will & Ryker's cereal box

Second Grade Wonder Project

Second graders have been working on a wonder project in their weekly tech time! (You can go back to the blog post about this project to learn more about it.)

Unfortunately, time got the better of us, and many students weren't able to complete their slideshow about their Wonder Question. I will continue to add them as they are completed!